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Online ZOOM Holistic ChildBirth Education for Partners

Online ZOOM Holistic ChildBirth Education for Partners

Wed May 19, 2021

Online ZOOM Holistic ChildBirth Education for Partners

Time Wed May 19 2021 at 07:00 pm to 08:30 pm

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Bangkok Thailand, Bangkok, Thailand

Online ZOOM Holistic ChildBirth Education for Partners, 19 May | Event in Bangkok | Online ZOOM Holistic ChildBirth Education for Partners
7 Holistic Birth Prep Classes for Partners
Western Midwife’s Knowledge & Experience infused by Eastern Traditional Wisdom, Yoga & Ayurveda.

Let me be your guide for your Pregnancy, Birth & Postpartum.
Please join me in my signature 7 weekly child birth education classes Online Live with Zoom or in person in Bangkok. We cover all you ever wanted to know and experience, to prepare at best for the birth of your baby and … your own rebirth into a mother or father! All classes are highly interactive with a handout.

Why child birth education? A basic understanding of the physiological changes in the body/mind allows to be less fearful and be at ease during this time of transformation. When totally unaware, a mom and dad can be caught completely off guard and this is likely to increase any existing fear and decrease the chance of living an incredible experience.

The classes are about 1:30 hours each, total 10:30 hours. Ideally you take all 7 classes once a week, to be fully prepared for child birth and the journey of parenthood, before 36 weeks of pregnancy. Or you can take 1 or more classes of your choice.

Once your baby is there and if you had no time to preparing during pregnancy, then the postpartum classes 4-5-6-7 are highly recommended.

7 CLASS SUBJECTS on 7 Wednesday evenings
1. Consciously Pregnant: 21 April
2. Birth of my Baby and my Rebirth as
a Mother: 28 April
3. My Birth Plan: 5 May
4. My Postpartum Plan: 12 May
5. Breastfeeding: 19 May
6. Sacred 42 Days Postpartum for
Mom: 26 May
7. Baby’s First 42 Days on Earth: 2 June

•Private classes are available any time at your request, ideally once a week for 7 weeks or over 14 weeks, finishing by 36 weeks of pregnancy.
•Classes can be in your home on the Sukhumvit line between Onnut and Siam, for other locations it is 200 THB more or Grab price. Classes after 8pm might require taxi fee.
•If cancelation within 24 hours before the private sessions, then the full price applies.
•The Zoom Meeting ID is sent to you after payment, before the class starts.

•Private classes:
•1 class/1,5 hr/couple: 2,400 THB/76 $/65 Euro
•7 classes/10,5hrs/couple: 16,000 THB/510 $/425 Euro

•Group classes for couples (with minimum 2 paying participants):
•1 class/1,5 hr/couple: 1,000 THB/32 $/27 Euro
•7 classes/10,5 hrs/couple: 6,000 THB/190 $/160 Euro.
•An invoice for your insurance can be issued.
•Payment with PAYPAL or to TMB Bank Thailand: Kristel Dhaene, Account nr 223-2-28414-7
•PAYPAL: a3Jpc3RsZGhhZW5lIHwgZ21haWwgISBjb20=, PayPal.Me/KristelDhaene (with a surplus of 7%).


?????????‍?Class 1. CONSCIOUSLY PREGNANT

We discover how the history of childbirth in the West has set us on an precedented course of medicated and surgical birth.
We explore pregnancy- this huge transformation of a woman into a mother - from physical, mental, spiritual, emotional, social angle. Pregnancy as a chance to rebirth yourself? How to ensure being healthy, live a healthy pregnancy, birth a healthy baby? How to consciously breathe, eat, move, rest, sleep, love, have a spiritual practice? How to educate your baby in the womb? How about the pregnancy journey of the partner?
The class is fun, interactive, includes some birth art and unexpected discovering of your partner’s views.

?????????‍? Class 2.

We learn about the stages of physiological labour of LOVE and birth of your baby and of yourself into a mother; hormones; the cycle pain-fear-anxiety; coping techniques from hypnobirthing; tearing. Medical interventions such as induction, epidural anaesthesia, episiotomy, vacuum suction birth, caesarean birth. We practice positions for labour and birth. And what can we do with the placenta? How does the baby and partner experience the birth trip and birthing/rebirthing? How drugs interfere with the natural process. With insights in the Thai medical system and how to navigate through it.

?????????‍? Class 3.

Now we know enough to create The Birth Plan: a road map for your birth trip, together with your partner. Being informed and empowered, you will visualize your labour and birth in detail. You will design your personal birth plan based on a template, listing your preferences on a host of issues and procedures concerning pregnancy, labour and immediate postpartum. Discuss this plan with your doula/doctor. However, pregnancy and birth are unpredictable, so we like to keep our plans flexible!

?????????‍? Class 4.

The first 42 days after birth define your next 42 years in life! What are your expectations? Design your postpartum wellness sanctuary plan with: 1. Nourishing and healing confinement foods (includes a shopping list)/ 2. Nurturing self-care/ 3. Household support allowing to create a wellness sanctuary with new sleeping patterns/ 4. Creating a new universe with the baby/ 5. Expectations of changing relationships and role/ 6. Support from caretakers. With references to postpartum literature.

?????????‍? Class 5. BREASTFEEDING

In class 5 you tap into your innate skills of breastfeeding. Yes, your body knows how to do this! Learn about baby feeding cues, the good latch, different positions for breastfeeding, hormones and the milk production, sore nipples, mastitis, diet to support lactation. And how can we create good feeding habits for baby?

?????????‍? Class 6. SACRED 42 DAYS POSTPARTUM FOR MOM

Class 6 is all about the value of mothering the mother while reclaiming traditional postpartum care and women’s wisdom, so that …one day, you can walk into menopause being whole healthy. Learn about the 5 pillars of postpartum care for the new mother: 1. Welcome and honour the mother/ 2. Nourish her with food for body-mind-soul (includes rest and household support)/ 3. Nurture her with breath and bodywork (body steam, body massage, body scrub, breast massage, vaginal steam, YUU FAI Traditional Thai postpartum care)/ 4. Bind the belly and close the bones/ 5. Celebrate her like a queen.
Sacred postpartum care in the first 42 days after birth is an investment in your health for the next 42 years of life!

?????????‍? Class 7.

In class 7 you learn about falling in love with your baby, baby massage and baby bath, eat and sleep patterns, nappies and elimination communication, cord care, cramps, carrying baby and how you and your partner can adapt to different sleep patterns, sharing the care and start parenting this baby! This class is very practical, including suggestions on which essential baby items to buy (baby bath, co-sleeper, reusable nappies, breasts pump…).
Feel free to call me for more info on WhatsApp +66 957010084, a3Jpc3RsZGhhZW5lIHwgZ21haWwgISBjb20=. Kindly like my page Pregnancy, Birth & Postpartum by Krist'l .

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Wed May 19 2021 at 07:00 pm to 08:30 pm
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Bangkok Thailand, Bangkok, Thailand

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