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Sales Training in Bangalore | Live Online Trainer Led


Sales Training in Bangalore | Live Online Trainer Led

After the last Super successful 'Authoritative Sales Training' workshop, excited to announce the next Live Online Trainer Led Workshop for Sales Professionals/Entrepreneurs to be joined from the comfort of their home or office using Laptop. If you have been struggling to sell to CXOs, this workshop is for you - 

  • Appointment Generation is a Struggle 
  • Gatekeepers Block you and CXOs 'Brush-off'?
  • CXOs doubt your new product/company? 
  • CXOs disappear after hearing pricing & ignore emails?
  • Tough selling against established / cheaper competition?
  • Running behind multiple decision makers & getting ignored?
  • Unreasonable demands and hard negotiations situations?
  • Presentation & Deal Closure is impossible without Manager's Involvement?


Join my 'Top Rated' workshop, become an Authority and Crack 7/10 deals in First Contact.


  • Learn Personal Branding skills to gain CXOs Trust.
  • Influencing skills to win his confidence. 
  • Presentation & Value Proposition skills to win investments.
  • Competitive & Negotiation Skills to win deals.
  • Productivity Skills to maximize deal conversions.


Attended by 10,000+ Sales Professionals, Entrepreneurs & Corporate like Zebronics, Pioneer India, BigTutor, CaddyCode etc....


What professionals says about the workshop - 

"We learnt a lot from the training. Amit has a great vision and he is in a mission to uplift entire sales fraternity. Thanks Amit Sharma." ~ Prasanna, Cheif Operating Officer, Calydon Tech.

Sireesha says "Training Session by Amit Sharma was Transformational"

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Godwin Says "This is the best Sales Training Session I have attended."

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Kripa Says "Authoritative Selling has answered all my questions."

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Workshop Agenda


1. Business Development

Objective : Build your own Business Development Plan to increase Leads and Sales Conversion

Topics Covered

  • ​Building a Business Development Plan
  • Build your customized Approach for accelerating deal closure
  • Lead Management for Maximum Conversions
  • Email and Social Selling
  • ​Call and Meeting Preparations Tips

​Key Takeaway: Successful Business Development Approach to generate qualified and interested business inquiries in any industry or situation.


2. Sales Approach

Objective- Position yourself as trusted adviser during the sales process and Sell solutions not products to influence buyer's agenda.


Topics Covered

  • ​Understand buyers Psychology of Persuasion and Buying
  • How to use 'Beyond the Obvious' information to influence buyers decision.
  • Building Sales Pitch and Communication Framework for successful calls & meetings
  • Sales Pitch for Calls, Emails, Social Media, F2F Meetings
  • ​Introduction Communication & Ice-Breaker Framework

​Key Takeaway: Successful Sales Approach to engage any type of Buyers into Sales Conversation.


3. Sales Discussion

Objective- Hold masterful sales conversations from beginning to end for Maximum Engagement.


Topics Covered


  • ​How to Position yourself as an Authority and Trusted Adviser.
  • How to uncover the full set of buyer needs, hidden desires for buying and deal potential using RAMP Model.
  • How to re-enforce your product and brand authority using FAB, Value Proposition and Storytelling.
  • Sales Objections and How to address them with Satisfactory and Encouraging Responses.

​Key Takeaway: Key approach to hold successful Sales Discussions with Buyers, help them see their challenges and your product as a potential solution.


4. Sales Presentation

Objective- Sell based on un-denying value that directly appeal to customer's buying motivation.


Topics Covered

  • ​Identifying four components of a strong sales presentation.
  • Differentiating your solution from the competition.
  • Secrets to delivering presentations that engage buyers and build their brand perception.
  • Best Opening and Closing Strategies used by Top Speakers to engage buyers.

​Key Takeaway: Presentation Skills for delivering online/offline presentations to customers and help them realize the potential of your product & unique value partnership will offer.


5. Negotiations

Objective - Overcome customer objections and Close new business with maximum success.


Topics Covered


  • ​Psychology of Negotiation.
  • Strategies to justify Product Value over price & competition.
  • Top Strategies to avoid price discounts and unreasonable demands from buyers.
  • Strategies to increase deal size multi-fold using up-selling & Cross-Selling.
  • Strategies to drive immediate purchase action.

Key Takeaway: Negotiation Skills to help customer purchase without losing deal, it's value or customer interest.

Join the workshop to unlock the secrets to become a brand that CXOs will instantly trust, confide, believe and invest in without any questions or doubts.

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