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:::EARTH PRIESTESS::: Women's Facilitators Training BALI

:::EARTH PRIESTESS::: Women's Facilitators Training BALI

~ Facilitator's Immersion for Women in Shamanic Tantrika Arts ~
Oct 1-18th BALI
(FB event says 1-15th because an event cannot be longer than 14days)


Are you ready to evolve, embody and share your essence?

A priestess is not a title, spiritual preacher or mysterious myth.
To priestess is a verb. It is an art of stepping into the purpose calling of your being, to be in service - to the earth, to your family, to the people around you.

In the Earth Priestess Trainings we invite women to remember, reconnect and embody more of your wholeness in life.

So whether your are working in the fields of spirituality/conscious evolution, personal development, corporate business, or multitasking mama, we ask you :

How can you bring your life, love and work to a deeper level?

To a deeper layer within yourself, and through the point where service to others becomes an inevitable part of your own evolution. To unveil the essence of your unique gifts - the ones gathered from your life already, and the ones that are revealing themselves in rhythm with your inner transformation.

So as you keep evolving into your essence, you simultaneously step into offer your highest form of service to the earth and all our relations.

Through the practices of working with shakti lifeforce energy, earth's elements and your unique gifts, we invite you into a natural way of tantric embodiment, feminine leadership and graceful spaceholding.


A in-depth immersion for women to deeply experience the healing, expansion and cultivation of life-force in a living shakti temple. Merging therapeutic, tantric, shamanic and taoist practices for effortless, ecstatic embodiment. Training in the arts of holding energetic, emotional and spiritual transformation for individuals and smaller group fields in the shamanic and tantric priestess arts.

In the Shamanic Arts we root our being into the core of connection with Earth and Spirit. Through emotional and energy clearing, elemental initiations such as waterfall vision quest, fireceremonies and Sweatlodge, combined with the ancestral wisdom of prayer, how to work with sacred land and subtle realms of the seen and unseen worlds. How to come wholly into body, wisdom and presence.

From this foundation we invite the Tantric and Taoist Arts of working with Sexual healing, Sensual Vitality cultivation, Womb healing, Yoni Egg practise and Tantric Alchemy. How to fully embody the orgasmic potential, divine pleasure relating and ecstatic life-force that moves you into creation and abundance in all areas of life.


• Earth Priestess Medicine Wheel
(the 7 directions & Spirit Guardian Animals)
• Shamanic Selfsourcing & Energy Cultivation
• Emotional & Energetic Multidimensional Clearingwork
• Ancestral Wisdom & Fireceremony
• Wombvoice, indigenous chants and medicine drumming
• Sacred sites, sacred earth stewardship & prayer offerings
• Silence & Darkness Initiation - Returning to the Void
• Setting up sacred space, altars & fieldgridding
• Sacred Cycles, Moontime ceremonies & Wombreset practises
• Selfcare Mayan Wombmassage

• Ecstatic Elements in Womans Body
• Sexual Energy Cultivation
• Sensual Vitality Qi Gong & Taoist Meditations
• Shakti Temple Yoga w/ Mira Dakini
• Yoni Egg practise & Taoist Breast massage
• Womans Multiorgasmic Body & the Return to
Pleasure Wholeness P
• Taoist Shakti Activation & the Microcosmic Orbit
• Grounding Touch & Tantrika Elements Massage
• Tantrika Manifestation Arts & Sex Magic
• Anchoring Abundance & the Priestess Arts of
Business in Service

• Sweatlodge/ Temazcal ceremony
• Nature Quest to Les Waterfall & the Earth Priestess Sanctuary
• Sonic Alchemy Ceremony - Medicinedruming, Chrystalbowls & Light Language Initiation w/ Soundpriestess & Medicinewoman Amma Sophia Rose
• Shamanic Tantrika Arts Cacao Medicine Ceremony
Tantric Alchemy Shiva/Shakti Ritual

All curriculum is woven strongly together by Integration tools in how to integrate Shamanic Tantrika Arts in daily life, love and work.



This journey is daily woven between your own journey where you fully participate and go deep into yourself , and the arts of stepping into holding space for others. Towards the end of the immersion your will have time and practise to hold space, and be held, in areas where you want to dive deeper. It will always be your choice what/ how much you want to hold space for. Many women come to this training solely for their own inner journey. Some come primarily to learn and expand their already existing service work. This is why we remember that your own inner transformation and your highest form of service are so intimately connected.
At the completion of “The Arts of Spaceholding” modules you will have received tools to hold space for:

1:1 Private Sessions of
• Shakti Embodiment Series (5 essential practises for woman’s sensual vitality)
• Emotional/ energetic clearing sessions
• Tantric Transfiguration & Embodiment healing session
• Taoist Shakti Activation session
• Elements Initiations

Smaller Women’s Circles of
• Womens Red Tent/ New Moon-Full Moon Circles (Sharing, Embodiment practises, Healing touch)
• Ecstatic Elements Breathing (Pulsate the elements of Earth, Water, Fire, Air & Light throughout the physical and energetic body of woman)
• Shakti Embodiment Series (5 essential practises for woman’s sensual vitality)
• Shakti Shaking (Earthshaking, Wombsounding, light Trauma Release, Ovarian Smile)
• Sky-Earth Alignment (Aligning and strengthening energybody between the Earth & Sky, creating the selfsourcing pillar of light)
• Pelvic Breathing (Sexual Vitality practise to enhance the flow of Qi in sexual organs)
• Shakti Fountain (Selfsource orgasmic energy from the earth throughout the 3 taoist energycenters and overflow the auric field in the fountain of lifeforce)
• Earthing (Resourcing the woman's energy body in harmony with the rhythm of the earth)

*** Note that for each type of sessions follows a specific embodiment & practise sessions requirement before you may add it to your offerings curriculum. You choose which areas you want to focus on. For example, it is required that you practise the Embodiment Series daily for 1 mooncycle before sharing it, and its required to offer 5 free practice sessions in Taoist Shakti Activation before your can give paid sessions in this modality. ***



The last 2-3 days of this training is mandatory integration days of a Living Shakti Temple. This is a space where there will be only one daily class (ex Like a Jade Egg Masterclass), & sharing circle. This is time for you to give each other 1:1 practise session, feedback and inspiration around how to move forward with your creative projects etc. You will also have 1:1 feedback and support coaching with Anna Maria & Mira in this time.

If you wish to stay at Villa Boreh for longer, this is warmly recommended for your integration and creative process. Please book directly with aW5mbyB8IHZpbGxhYm9yZWggISBjb20=

Villa Boreh Oceanside retreat & spa is nestled into luscious jungle nature right on the waving shores of Bali’s Northern coast. It is located only 20min away from Anna Maria’s home in Les Waterfall and the Earth Priestess Sanctuary where we journey for elements initiations and sweatlodge ceremony. See pictures at villaboreh.com or previous retreats and trainings photo albums at FB: Shamanic Tantrika Arts



SAVE 500EUR (!)
Early Bird until JULY 1st (limited spaces) 3900EUR

DEPOSIT 800EUR ASAP to hold your space.
Full Payment by Sep 1st

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Tuition includes:
17 nights in shared double suite at Villa Boreh Beach Resort & Spa, Bali (contact us for single acc option)
17 days full board organic vegetarian breakfast, lunch & dinner
All teachings, classes & curriculum

Not included:
International airfare
Transport to resort

- Read more on Villa Boreh, villaboreh.com
- If you are coming from abroad, we highly recommend landing in Bali 1-3 days before the immersion starts.
- Find good flights to Denpasar, Bali at skyscanner.com
- When you have confirmed your arrival time, please let us know.
- Bondalem is approximately 3hrs from Denpasar, 2hrs from Ubud.



Deeply passionate about loving life, earth and conscious evolution, Anna Maria merges the tantric, shamanic & therapeutic path. For women and men who are ready to evolve into their whole potential, true lifeforce and ecstatic embodiment. Who feel called to dance between the depths of ancestral wisdom, indigenous ceremony and elemental initiations - as a foundation for the remembrance of the temple arts of tantric alchemy, orgasmic sensuality & living the natural, vital, graceful state of all human beings - to take care of the earth and all our relations.
After a lifelong search for meaning, from living an extreme A-performing persona, Ivy League admissions and elite nightclub life - to eventual burnout, rehab & in-depth therapy, Anna Maria decided to take an extreme leap of faith into the unknown. To remember the truth, the meaning of her being and calling in life.
Months of silence in the Central American jungle, turned into years of selfhealing, awakening & in-depth studies with indigenous grandmothers, master healers and therapeutic tantrikas. Over the last decade she practised, lived and trained in the paths of Tantrika Yoga, Taoist Sexual Vitality, Therapeutic Breathwork, Soundhealing & Vibrational Regeneration - alongside committing deeply to the Red Road, Mexicatl Moondance and Lakota Sundance path, studying the ancestral ways of ancient ceremony, medicine prayer & the beauty way of native traditions.

Walking between these worlds she birthed the school of Shamanic Tantrika Arts and the Earth Priestess Facilitator’s Trainings, and devotionally shares her retreats and trainings for women and men all over the planet.
She is based as a land steward of a sacred waterfall valley in Bali, where she has anchored her Earth Priestess Sanctuary, garden Teepee and Sweatlodge prayers.
Anna Maria lives to constantly evolve her own inner being and always remain a humble student of life. Simultaneously dancing, laughing and praying through her immense passion for the full awakening of mankind - to the silent remembrance of the ecstatic beauty of life - taking care of each other and the earth.

Mira´s life is a deeply intuitive, creative and explorative journey of the embodiment and union of Spirit and Body, Masculine and Feminine, Darkness and Light.
Since1993, she have been traveling around the world, living in alternative healing communities, studying in the fields of touch and movement using pilates, yoga, dance and the creative expression of drama, as well as studying Tantra, Feminine Embodiment practices, meditation and relaxation.
Tantra is the passion of her life. Having been on a yogic tantric path since 1995 she now humbly facilitates workshops, retreats, trainings and sessions for women and men from all over the world.
Tantra is not all about sex, it is the merging and melting of the opposites in life. It is the meeting of the femininity and masculinity, the dark and light, the body and the soul.
Mira is a certified 500 Hour Yoga Teacher and have studied many forms of yoga; Tantra Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga, Yin Yoga, Yin/Yang Yoga, Restorative Yoga, Chakra Yoga, Female Yoga, and Women´s Hormonal Yoga. Her own unique style of yoga, SHAKTI TEMPLE YOGA, has been birthed from all of her studies and explorations and blends breath, sound, movement, touch, energetic work and devotion into the asana practice for the awaking of Shakti; the Life Force energy within.
Mira has learnt through hard work, sweat and tears – as well as joy and celebration into surrender – how to manifest health and beauty from the inside out. Mira currently resides in Bali, Ubud and in Sweden where she is devotedly relaxing into connection with Mother Earth while offering her work through retreats and sessions. Mira has a profound love for the Earth and the subtle yet powerfulness of being a woman.

READ MORE shamanictantrikaarts.com

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