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The Thawing - Winter Retreat

The Thawing - Winter Retreat

The Thawing - Winter Retreat

Time Fri Feb 16 2024 at 02:00 pm to Mon Feb 19 2024 at 10:00 am

Thirkelow Holiday Cottage and Studio, Bakewell, United Kingdom

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The Thawing - Winter Retreat, 16 February | Event in Bakewell | About the event The Thawing - Winter Retreat
‘The snowdrop and crocus - both little pioneers of spring, brave and hardy scouts that dare to taste the frost and bring hope once again to the dead lands’.

As the days grow longer and warmth slowly returns, that which has been frozen begins to thaw as feeling returns to the earth.

Late Winter requires that we pay close attention to our inner fire from growing too dim or wavering.

As a time to draw inwards to rest and restore, do you tend to power through winter? Or perhaps you delve deep into hibernation mode and start to crave connection?

This retreat invites you to keep your internal fire burning by gathering in the warm embrace of community.

Based in The Peak District National Park, our cottage is the perfect spot to get away from it all and reconnect to the rhythms of nature and yourself.

Over the weekend we will explore a therapeutic blend of nourishing practices such as somatic movement, meditation, self massage, journalling, slow mandala flow, embodied yin, kirtan & pranayama.

Melt your inner snow with both solar and lunar yoga practices to balance the cold and damp qualities of Kapha…

Build stamina in warming but grounding ways

Explore heating Asana & Pranayama practices to keep the lungs, chest and sinuses strong and clear during cold and flu season

Honor lunar energy with earth focused practices to help store energy for spring

Your Host - Eirian Collinge

Senior Yoga Teacher and Yoga Therapist, Eirian has been facilitating seasonal retreats since 2016.

With a fun loving spirit, she ensures her classes are playful and accessible, creating a supportive environment where students can move freely, reconnect to themselves & feel empowered through their practice.

She works creatively with Energetic Bodywork, Chakra and Elemental theories, offering a container for self expression, introspection and meditation - guiding practices and rituals to help you find balance within yourself and the rhythms of nature.

Guest Teacher - Alex Zalweska

We are honoured to have Alex guiding a special a 2.5 hour immersive workshop.

Created with the intention to help you find a slower pace, rest and attune to what it is you really need. Through the power of self-expression, sound, use of our voice and tools of embodied yin, we will embark on the pilgrimage of our inner body’s artistry, allowing ourselves to be held and supported and drop into a deep state of listening.

Alex is an embodied movement facilitator, dedicated to the path of exploration of our true Nature through the miraculous vessel of the Body, which is a pathway to presence. She is passionate about helping others find a greater peace and sense of connection to Self and others through tools of embodied movement, somatics, Non dual Shaiva Tantra philosophy and Sound. In times where our culture and the pace of life often drive us to exhaustion, Alex holds space for you to slow down, rest and listen…unhurried.

Your chef - Bex from The Mindful Kitchen

By observing the seasonal influences of our food, we remain in harmony with nature.
Bex believes when we choose to fuel ourselves with nutritious, colourful foods that align with the seasons and our own spiritual inclinations, we invite more vibrancy, compassion and connection into our lives. There begins the ripple effect of change and transformation.

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Cariad Yoga
About The Host: Move freely, reconnect to yourself and feel empowered through your practice. Playful, accessible, Yoga with Eirian Collinge in Manchester. Vinyasa Flow / Yin / Mandala Vinyasa Mixed level classes - beginners welcome
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Date & Time

Fri Feb 16 2024 at 02:00 pm to Mon Feb 19 2024 at 10:00 am


Thirkelow Holiday Cottage and Studio, Bakewell, United Kingdom

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