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Tantric Sacred Cacao & Blue Lotus Ceremony

Tantric Sacred Cacao & Blue Lotus Ceremony ♡

Sun Sep 05, 2021

Tantric Sacred Cacao & Blue Lotus Ceremony ♡

Time Sun Sep 05 2021 at 01:30 pm to 09:00 pm

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Baarn, Netherlands

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Tantric Sacred Cacao & Blue Lotus Ceremony ♡, 5 September | Event in Baarn | Tantric Sacred Cacao & Blue Lotus Ceremony ♡
A Tantric Lotus ceremony for men, women, brothers and sisters, singles and lovers. With Sacred Cacao & Blue Lotus, other gentle Medicine Plants and ancient tantric rituals, guided by Yama and the spirits of Plant Medicines, diving in the energy of the snake (kundalini).

NB: this tantra ritual is fully clothed and does not include explicit sexuality.

After drinking the ‘ceremonial grade’ cacao* mixed in a special tea and the Blue Lotus**, Yama will create a Sacred Space with sounds, vibrations, voice and icaros (plant medicine music) and meditations, in which she guides you through ancient tantric practices, working with the Snake energy.

This Sacred Space is an invitation for you to open your fullest potential. Towards the end there will be singing with guitar and the opportunity for participants to join in the music. We will end the gathering by sharing a healthy and nourishing potluck meal.

The sacred medicine of Cacao alters the neurochemicals in the brain, produces a feeling of well-being and heart-opening, helps us elevate our state of consciousness, brings our polarities into balance and reconnects us in an infinite state of Oneness.
The highly potent ‘ceremonial grade’ cacao that we use for our ceremonies has a natural strong dose of these substances, since it is not being modified for consumption. Most cacao is produced as cheap as possible, for consumption. There is also beautiful raw cacao for healthy food and as an energy supplement. And then… there is wild and medicinal cacao! We only use the purest and most potent healing cacao we know, an ancient and rare Guatemalan variety that is being selected for it’s very strong vibration, which doesn’t come from cacao plantations but grows either wild in the jungle or together with other plants in a balanced permaculture, to reach the optimum natural conditions for both of them. It is carefully selected and difficult to get.

Read more about Sacred Cacao:

Blue Lotus is a subtle medicinal plant, which can have a variety of effects depending on dosage, method of administration, and whether you take it with other substances. It can provide a sense of tranquillity and euphoria, along with an altered sense of awareness. It is mildly psychoactive and may even lead to entheogenic or spiritual experiences when taken in larger doses, which can be used to enhance your meditative and introspective practices.
As an aphrodisiac, it can increase sexual desire and satisfaction.It can create a pleasant feeling of warmth around the head and upper body and a dream like feeling – as if the life itself were a waking dream.

Blue Lotus was intimately known to the Ancient Egyptians, where it played an important part in various aspects of their culture. The plant was widely popular for its aphrodisiac and mild psychedelic properties.

Read more about Blue Lotus:

You are welcome as from 13:30 for a cup of tea, to prepare your personal spot in the ceremony space. We will the ceremony will start at 14.00 and it will last four to five hours. Please be on time for this event, as the doors will close at 14.00

The ceremony will be in Baarn, the exact address you will receive via the mail in the week before the ceremony.

On the day before the ceremony eat only light meals (oat porridge, smoothie, fruits, salad, steamed of grilled vegetables, soup) and don’t drink any alcohol and/or coffee. On the day itself it is best to only have breakfast. If you do need food for lunch keep it very light, as to have your full energy available for the ceremony.

We end the ceremony celebrating life and togetherness with a shared potluck meal. Please bring a nice vegetarian dish to share, preferably organic.

– A mattress to lie on and other things to make yourself comfortable during the ceremony (like a sheep skin, pillow and blanket).
– An instrument, if you like to join in at the end
– Cash money if you want to buy something from the Magic Medicine Shop**
– Some food to share after the ceremony, and your own plate and cutleries.

The contribution for the ceremony is €88,-* per person, including all the medicine plants.
(*) ex. VAT/BTW for entrepeneurs who want an invoice.

Buy your ticket(s) via the chipta link:

In case you need to cancel the ceremony, please notice that we do not pay back the contribution. Of course you might give or sell your entrance to someone else.

It is advisable to bring cash money if you like to buy something in our Magic Boutique. We have plant medicines for your own little ceremonies at home, like good quality sacred cacao, blue lotus, mapacho tobacco, rapé etc.; jewelry and other items from the Amazon, books, etc.)

We appreciate it a lot if you invite your friends in the event page and share it on your fb page!


For further questions, do not hesitate to contact us via Y29udGFjdCB8IGRldmF5YW1hICEgY29t and Ava will answer all your questions.

Yama’s teachings and transmissions are based on her fully embodied experience in healing herself in different sacred traditions, lineage teachings and initiations, the most profound ones being the Kaula Heart of All, her Tantric Family, the Plant Masters in the Amazonian jungle and the ancient healing ways of the indigenous Paqo’s in the Andean mountains.
By overcoming several ‘incurable’ diseases, she deeply connected with nature and all of creation, finding herself on an ancient shamanic path, having access to universal spiritual wisdom and being able to transmit these transcendental energies into this world. Yama brings hidden (but not secret) ancient healing tools that (re)activate the deep yet often forgotten power within you. Tools to clear the past, release toxic emotions, open your energetic pathways, activate your sacred sensual self, bring balance into your relationships and harness your creative potential.
Yama has the gift to reawaken and empower you to become aware of your intuitive voice, free your energies by connecting with the unique pure you and unlock your potent inner source for creativity, spiritual growth and transformation.

We welcome you from a deep space of Consciousness and Love,
Deva Yama ♡

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About The Host: As a Shamanic Tantra Healer, Womb Wisdom Keeper & Sacred Plant Medicine Singer, Yama guides Healing and Transformation processes in individual sessions, ceremonies and retreats, with Tantra, Plant Medicine, Sound Healing and Awakening Consciousness ♡
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Sun Sep 05 2021 at 01:30 pm to 09:00 pm
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Baarn, Netherlands

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