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Ikigai Workshop: Finding Purpose, On Purpose.


Ikigai Workshop: Finding Purpose, On Purpose.

What do an award-winning country music singer, a legendary comedian, and a 93-year old chef all have in common?  They're living their IKIGAI.   

You can too. 

The Ikigai Workshop is designed to answer the question, "What are my true priorities and How do I find better alignment with my actions?"  Although the question looms large, the workshop uses simple, effective tactics that are Demystifying heavy words like purpose empowers participants with a more approachable, practical framework to steer (big and small) decisions accordingly.  

The Ikigai Workshop will not:

Cross-sell you into a pyramid scheme where you sign up 10 people to sell household products to friends and neighbors.

Be too heavy on the woo-woo (but there may be a touch of it).

Deploy any trust falls

The Ikigai Workshop will:

Force you to invest time into getting better: When asked the right questions in the right setting with right mindset, you'll find more clarity on your priorities and corresponding actions.

Engage a community of courageous peeps driving toward making themselves better.  That's pretty cool. 

Insight and inspiration from the stories of others.  Some will surprise you.

Provide an opportunity to nudge you slightly outside of your comfort zone.   (However, NO trust falls.)

Wait.  What's an "IKIGAI?"

Ikigai is a Japanese phrase that translates into "your purpose".  Everyone has an ikigai, but we often neglect to take the time to discover and live it. Although western interpretations often associate ikigai with a job or work, ikigai can simply be the purpose that brings you joy and gets you out of the bed in the morning. 

Ikigai is credited as a key element fueling longevity for some of the longest living people in the world.  Understanding your ikigai can promote lower stress, increased productivity, and a more happy, positive outlook.

What will I get out of this? 

Rarely, do people hit pause on the chaos of life to ask themselves simple, insightful questions. This workshop gets you in the right mindset to reveal quality insights within an environment that strikes the right balance of focus and levity.  If you're slightly skeptical, that's not a bad thing; You'll walk out energized and committed toward taking action that aligns with a greater sense of purpose.  If you're super-skeptical, then at least you'll get lunch and meet some cool people. (In reality, you'll get more out of this than most, but we'll keep that our secret.)

Who's leading the workshop?

For 20 years, Sam Ushio climbed the corporate ladder in financial services. Working with thousands of financial advisors provided an insider's view that eventually revealed a dichotomy between financial growth and personal growth in the industry.  Portolios were growing, but there was stagnant professional growth and suprisingly limited personal growth. Sensing this tension on a personal level, Sam made the entrepreneurial leap on July 4th, Independence Day.  His quest for purpose led him to the story of his great-grandmother, Taka Ushio, whose ikigai preserved a family legacy in the US and Japan before, during, and after World War II. Her determination inspired Sam's commitment to empower others to discover, plan, and live their ikigai.

What does the fee include? 

Fee includes curriculum + materials for one day workshop.  Lunch will be provided.  



Life happens when we're busy making other plans illustrates the disconnect between our desire for purpose and investing the necessary time to reveal it. Start your ikigai journey and find purpose, on purpose!

Map Impact Hub Austin, 411 West Monroe Street, Austin, United States
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