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Art And Theatre Events In Austin

Performances, Theatre Events And Art Exhibitions In Austin

Art gives voice to the voiceless and fame to the ignored. You can learn various forms of art from dancing to sketching in Austin. There are designated classes, drama workshops, and art events in Austin for the same. If you just want to be a mere spectator you can attend theatre events and art exhibitions in Austin too.

Ever wanted to volunteer in those nukkad, nataks or street shows? Wish to learn the basics of painting? Well, just explore through the art & theatre events in Austin.

Upcoming Arts Events in Austin

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    The Alluring Sight of Austin art

    Austin is one of the most soulful city to connect with the abstract realities of art. From its famous art festivals like the Art City Austin, Austin Art Breaks, ArtWorks Festival and the Pechakucha Nights to experience and visit some of the most creative, innovative and real art forms, this city is not only home to artists all around the world but also nests the culture of Art and keeps it alive. One of the peculiar events also includes Art in Public Places, which occurs on the third Wednesday of every month. Apart from these events, there are several exhibitions ongoing in this toiling city like One of Us occurring in the late February, Larry Akers: Fluid Patterns, Interwoven, and Kambui Olujimi: Zulu Time, centering around the month of July.

    For years, Austin art is illustrious for the cultural connect it extracts out of artists and the binding togetherness it builds among the art lovers and the visitors. Art is the heart of Austin and home to many aspiring and established creators. This city is an orientation to a rich culture with the inspiring and generous bunch of people and an often optimistic vibe of friendly faces which propels one to add Austin onto their go-to world cities.  


    The Exotics of Austin Art Galleries

    Where on one hand, Austin art galleries like Women and their work, Gallery Black Lagoon, grayDUCK Gallery and Art on 5th draws one to the most sophisticated contemporaries of art, the city also introduces art lovers to its roots and origins, the art from the streets via Austin street art during festivals like Pecan Street Fall Arts. After all, Art is a messy sophistication and artists create their masterpieces in that very glorious mess. Few of the most exotic places in this city include the Austin Art Garage which is a creative hub for the locally made art forms. Here, artists from various different socioeconomic backgrounds come together and showcase their talent and individuality. With a rich history of art, Austin art museums like the Mexic-Arte Museum, the Blanton Museum of Arts and the Harry Ransom Center are landmark museums for tourists and art lovers.


    Austin Art: Moulding Crafters

    A city that works in encouraging people towards being better is a city that prospers. Austin is one of them. Along with the beautiful Austin Art Galleries, the city offers many creative platforms to its creative heads and nurtures their talent. Art classes in Austin are the ideal spaces for artists to explore, experiment and exhibit their craft. It does not matter if it's a wall-sized canvas or a street wall graffiti, famous art classes like Dougherty Arts Center and Austin Creative Art Center (ACAC) are a few exceptionally brilliant exposure spaces. ACAC believes that there is no age to learn the art and conducts several art classes, from teaching toddlers to the elderly, a subject to love for life. 

    Along with the Contemporary Austin Art School and A+ Academy, there are many more craft cultivating spots here at Austin.