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Zenthai Shiatsu – Elemental Immersion NZ

Zenthai Shiatsu – Elemental Immersion NZ

Zenthai Immersion
Discovering freedom through movement, bodywork and the 5 Elements of Traditional Chinese Medicine
2 day Workshop – Feb 25th & 26th
Kawai Purapura – Auckland, New Zealand

Zenthai Shiatsu embodies the practices of Zen Shiatsu, Traditional Thai Massage and Osteopathic techniques of joint mobilisation and fascial unwinding.

Zenthai is a fluid bodywork modality founded upon Traditional Chinese Medicine and 5 Element Theory.

At the core of Zenthai is metta, loving kindness and creating a safe space to promote healing. The essence of Zenthai is offering the invitation to align with our true nature, one of connection and heart presence.

As Zenthai continues to develop over the past 2 decades, the movement based therapy offers freedom of movement to the structural and energetic body systems.

Zenthai Immersion teaches you the threads of Zenthai and the principles for offering effective, therapeutic bodywork.

This course invites you to embody stillness, presence, creativity and curiosity. It is an invitation to land deeply within yourself, immerse yourself in nature, connect with community and cultivate a listening to the currents beneath the skin.

Zenthai Immersion- 2 day workshop encapsulates the essence of Zenthai Shiatsu and Zenthai Flow.

Zenthai flow is at the heart, embodying the 5 Elements of Traditional Chinese Medicine through solo asana, partner yoga and self inquiry. When learning about the qualities of each element, we can see ourselves as a part of nature and nature a part of us.
During this workshop, we will explore and understand how the elements are influenced in our body, health, mind and emotions. To see it, is to heal it. We will discover signs of harmony and disharmony and be given simple and effective practices to support balance in daily life.

This workshop is for you:
• You are curious about the 5 Elements
• Meridians and Traditional Chinese Medicine intrigues you
• You love being a part of community and connection
• Your being called to come play, not knowing why, yet trusting
the flow
• You love Yoga and want to explore new ways to move and
embody your practice
• You practice other forms of bodywork, so why not try something
• You’ve heard about Zenthai and are thirsty for more
• You are on a path of self inquiry, growth and healing
• You are open and courageous to explore new terrains ….
this workshop is for everyone!

Want to know more……..

Course Content:
• Embody the threads of Zenthai and the principles of offering
effective therapeutic bodywork
• Learn about the qualities of Earth, Metal, Water, Wood and Fire
through the lens of Traditional Chinese Medicine
• Explore asana, partner yoga and fluid movement embodying
the 5 Elements
• Discover the locations and relationships of the 12 Meridian
• Learn foundations of western anatomy and how the body
responds to movement, emotion and stress
• Sensing into a deeper inner listening and self-inquiry
• Learn specific practices to balance each element based upon
breath, movement, mantra, food and touch
• Develop skills and gestures to offer bodywork therapy to
balance and support healing
• Practice Zenthai Shiatsu sequences to balance each element
and what shows up in the body when out of balance
• Offer and receive powerful and playful Zenthai Shiatsu

• Monday 25th & Tuesday 26th February 2019
• Mixed theory and practice - plenty of interactive play
• We embody the practice with plenty of play and exploration

Monday morning
• Earth Asana movement practice
• Qualities of touch when offering Zenthai Shiatsu bodywork
• Practices to balance Earth

Monday afternoon
• Metal Qi Gong movement practice
• Practices to build your immunity
• Zenthai Shiatsu bodywork sequence
• Healing ceremony

Tuesday morning
• Water Somatic movement practice
• Exploring the 5 Element relationships
• Zenthai Shiatsu bodywork sequence

Tuesday afternoon
• Wood Dynamic movement practice
• Practices to clear the free flow of Qi
• Zenthai Shiatsu bodywork sequence
• Fire Heart Celebration practice
• Connecting us back home

Earth ~ embodying stillness, stability, grounded practices, inversions, meditation, spleen and stomach meridians

Metal ~ Feeling the current of Qi, surrendering all that doesn’t serve, honouring self in ceremony, lung and large intestine meridians

Water ~ feuling your vital essence, supporting the nervous system, being gentle, trusting, kidney and bladder meridians

Wood ~ empowering adaptability and flexibility, directing the focus, encouraging expansion, liver and gall bladder meridians

Fire ~ the ambient light, transformation, consciousness, transmission, gratitude, heart, pericardium, triple heater and small intestine meridians.

Merryn and Kate have 20 years experience teaching and practicing anatomy, movement and bodywork. Their shared passion of Zenthai Shiatsu emanates through creating a safe container for students to explore movement and touch with loving presence and playful curiosity.

Merryn Jane Penington
Merryn has an infectious nature that inspires others to be uplifted by the mechanisms of healing. The power of her presence is enriched with her passion to empower others. Merryn offers support in the alignment of our true nature, connection. The fascination of the body, emotion and energy has engulfed Merryn in the past 19 years of teaching anatomy, movement and bodywork. Merryn’s approach to bodywork and movement is memorising, playful and insightful, a true alchemist of the body and energy systems.

Kate Barzdo
Kate Barzdo is the founder of Zen Space, and an experienced Zenthai Shiatsu Therapist & Facilitator who has adopted Zenthai as her primary healing tool due to it’s comprehensive approach and holistic therapy. Her clients experience lasting positive benefits.

Kate is also a registered Yoga Chi Gung teacher with nearly two decades experience teaching with a has a background in martial arts and dance and a passionate musician and singer with a joy of sharing music with the community.

“I am inspired by energy based bodywork and exercise systems with extensive experience in Yoga, Aikido, Chi Gung, Thai Massage & Shiatsu. They have common threads in their understanding of the physical and energetic bodies.

I love sharing these healing arts with the community through treatments, classes and workshops, with the vision that others may also share these easy to learn skills with family and friends and we can all experience greater wellbeing in our lives. I look forward to meeting you and helping create more balance in your life.”

Founder of Zenthai Shiatsu ~ Gwyn Williams
Gwyn Williams is the founder of Zenthai Shiatsu and author of Zen of Touch and Connection to Source. Gwyn offers teachings all over the world and is often based on the Sunshine Coast in Australia or Bali, his second home. Its an incredible gift to be in the presence of this man, he embodies the essence of life to the core.

$190 NZ


+61 418 617 451


This will be a joy to share with you

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