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Story_pool for Leaders and Managers


Story_pool for Leaders and Managers

What is story-Pool for Leaders?

It’s the time we can nod our heads and say: ‘Yes, I hear you. Yes, I have felt that too. Yes, that’s why we’re here… and that’s what will make us stronger.’

story_Pool for Leaders is a peer story-exchange process. It was created by Moya Sayer-Jones (Only Human Stories) as an introduction (or adjunct) to our story_Pool for Organisations program.

It’s a dedicated and protected space for leaders and managers to give to themselves, what they want for their teams - a regular time to explore, reflect and connect. Every time we meet for a story-Pool session, we are reminded of the value of individual experience and ideas to what we can achieve together. The sessions boost our appreciation for the work we do and the stories we are making - vital elements for a healthy and happy culture.

story_Pool is where the hurly - burly of the daily ‘doing’ ends… and the satisfaction of humantime begins…bringing leaders closer to understanding their peers and the humans they are managing and inspiring.

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