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Upcoming Business Events in Atlanta

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    Business in Atlanta

    Atlanta, the metropolitan city and capital of Georgia, ranks third in the nation among cities with the most FORTUNE 500 Headquarters. The city headquarters big giants like Home Depot, Coca-cola, UPS making it home to many business events. This city, with an innovative ecosystem, continues to attract many small and big businesses for a number of reasons. The major factors among them being the low cost of doing business and connectivity around the world owing to its seventh busiest passenger airport in the world. What’s more, Corporate facility investors and site consultants awarded Georgia the #1 state for business three years in a row. The city’s innovative ecosystem and its reputation as a logistics hub make it a good option for new small and big businesses.

    Networking Events and seminars in Atlanta

    The city has great entrepreneurial opportunities and career options. The same is communicated to both, the individuals and enterprises through hosting a number of networking events and seminars throughout the year. One such event which cannot be missed is the Small business Expo held annually in Atlanta around the month of November. This annual event held in Cobb Galleria Centre is a free one-day event known to be the country's biggest networking event. The event showcases trade shows & conferences for small business owners, entrepreneurs & startups companies! Other similar events that can help the business grow like Proven Strategies to Grow Your Business, Buckhead Tipclub Business Networking Event, Greater Atlanta Business Expo, Speed networking event for business professions are held round the year focusing on a variety of business requirements. Look out for upcoming business events at these popular destinations - Cobb Galleria Center, Upstairs Atlanta, Atlanta event centre, AMA conference centre.

    Major business hubs, industries and technology conferences in Atlanta

    If you are thinking of starting business in Atlanta or maybe planning to visit the city for work, the top business hubs of the city would be Downtown Atlanta, the city’s central business district, Buckhead, Atlanta’s major retail district, Perimeter center which has over 29 million square feet of office space and headquarters major Fortune 500 companies and finally the Midtown, Atlanta’s second largest business district. All these business districts together made the city a major centre for the number of industries. The Bioscience industry of this business city needs special mention. Global health giants such as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the Carter Center, CARE and American Cancer Society Institute are all based in Atlanta making it a major hub for Health care and bioscience industry. A wide range of seminars, lectures and events are offered. There are several ongoing seminar/lecture series like the Health care innovation Symposium, Health information technology career fair is offered in the city throughout its universities and hospitals. Another industry that grew rapidly in Metro Atlanta is Financial Technology or FinTech. Metro Atlanta has become a global centre for money, markets and transactions through its many global giants like First data, Equifax and NCR. Strategic southeast geographic location and robust infrastructure and connectivity with the world, has placed Atlanta as a Global centre for supply chain management. Atlanta is also ranked as #1 mobile industry city in the U.S. hosting big ticket companies like AT&T, IBM Business, and Cox Enterprises.

    Last but not least, the Technology industry in Atlanta needs special mention. Atlanta hosts more than 13,000 through various technology segments like Telecomm, cybersecurity, and digital media companies. As one of the fastest-growing technology cities, Atlanta is a world-class hub for technology and innovation.

    All in all, if you are trying to start up a business or work for an MNC, Atlanta is the place to be.