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Somatic Bodywork Practitioner Training w. Ateeka

Somatic Bodywork Practitioner Training w. Ateeka

Somatic Bodywork is a modern approach to well-being that uses touch, movement, awareness of breath, relaxation techniques and full body holding to help create a safe container for the receiver to relax more deeply and to stimulate the natural regenerative powers of the body allowing symptoms of disease to possibly lessen and vitality to grow.

In the spirit of the Zen Shiatsu pioneer, Shizuto Masunaga, who has inspired Somatic Bodywork, the practitioner is dedicated to “BEING WITH a person rather than doing something to a person”. All of the techniques and forms applied in a session arise from a place of the practitioner listening and responding to what is happening in the body and breath of the receiver. In essence, Somatic Bodyworkers listen with their hands and hearts and respond from a place of openness and good practice.

A dedicated Somatic Bodywork session is generally from 60 - 90 minutes in length. Both practitioner and receiver wear loose, comfortable clothing and the practice is given on a large futon or soft floor space with cushions and a blanket. The receiver may feel grounding contact, full body stretches and joint mobility, acupressure point activation, myo-fasical unwinding and release, energy body balancing, holding of the cranium to listen to the fluid aspects of the body and other simple massage methods.

Many yoga teachers, physiotherapists, psychotherapists and people in movement, healing, artistic and educational professions are finding ways to utilize the Somatic Bodywork approach within their own modalities in unique and creative ways.

Somatic Bodywork has been developed by Ateeka from her 20+ years of experience in the movement and healing arts. This approach has been influenced from various healing and movement modalities such as Zen Shiatsu, Biodynamic Craniosacral, Tantsu (Tantric Shiatsu), Watsu, Thai Massage, Myofascial Release & Unwinding, Continuum Movement, Contact Improv, Somatic studies, Yoga and mindfulness meditation.

Each of the training modules has 5 aspects:

1. Technique: A complete study and practice of somatic presence, full body holding, cradling, transitions, contact techniques, meridians, acupressure points, sound and energetic work used in a Somatic Bodywork Professional session.

2. Somatic Education: Techniques to recognize repetitive movement, breath, thought and behavioral patterns in your client during a Somatic Bodywork session and tools and home practice exercises to empower your clients healing process.

3. Integral Anatomy: Experiential study into the integrative functionality of human anatomy, especially anatomical systems and how they relate and support one another.

4. Mindfulness: Formal instruction in Mindfulness techniques will be taught and suggestions for developing a home practice will be introduced. By quieting the mind and opening to the present moment, a Somatic Bodywork session becomes a deep meditative and healing experience for both client and practitioner.

A mindful attention to "being with a person, rather than doing something to a person" through neutrality and presence, the practitioner welcomes a deeper connection and healing potential for each session.

5. Personal Development: By honestly coming in contact with one’s inner self, in all its bright and dark aspects, we become clearer and more neutral containers for our client’s healing process. This course offers many opportunities to dive deep into the shadows, discover and ultimately express your “inner gold” (ever-evolving life potential) through the process of giving and receiving Somatic Bodywork.

Somatic Bodywork Practitioner Training is an ideal continuation of professional skills for bodyworkers, massage therapists, Watsu practitioners, yoga teachers, movement specialists, dance/somatic practitioners, healthcare professionals, physiotherapists, personal coaches, psychologists, counselors, creative arts teachers. Somatic Bodywork is a meditative practice that enhances well-being, connection and awareness in a wide scope of fields.

This training is also open to those who are curious about movement, health, creativity and meditative presence for their own personal enrichment.

Somatic Bodywork Practitioner Training is facilitated by SOMATIC AWARENESS INSTITUTE, The institute offers a multi-dimensional terrestrial and aquatic bodywork instruction dedicated to the training of YogaSomatics and Somatic Bodywork Practitioners, focusing on somatic education. The classes of Somatic Awareness Institute are taught by institute director, ATEEKA, and an international team of guest teachers as a way to expand somatic movement, education and the awareness of Somatics worldwide.

Module dates
Module 1: May 31 - June 2 2019
Module 2: September 6 - September 8 2019
Module 3: October 11 - October 13 2019
Module 4: November 29 - December 1 2019
Module 5: January 24 - January 26 2020
Module 6: June 19 - June 21 2020
Module 7: September 18 - September 20 2020
Module 8: October 23 - October 25 2020
Module 9: November 10 - November 15 2020 (in Tuscany)

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