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Fascia Integration Therapy (FIT)


Fascia Integration Therapy (FIT)

A New Physiotherapy Concept!

A new functional concept based on recent developments in the fascinating field of fascia. Unique for this concept is the Fascia Functional Assessment (FFA). This consists of a selected number of functional tests by which you can assess total body functioning and locate myofascial problems. We don't just focus on local pain areas but always look at the total picture. The results of the FFA will guide you in the myofascial treatment and training. It is also used for re-assessment to monitor the functional progress. We always aim at immediate improvement.
In these courses:
• we won't focus purely on the location of the pain but always will assess the total functioning of the patient
• you will learn to assess this function by using our Fascia Functional Assessment (FFA)
• you will learn to identify the location of fascial restrictions based on this FFA and palpation even when these restrictions are not where the patient experiences pain
• you will learn to guide your treatment based on a sound clinical reasoning process
• you will learn many manual techniques to de-activate trigger points
• you will learn to mobilize fascial restrictions in an very effective way
• you will learn to train fascia to become stronger and more resilient
• get a full up-date on the recent insight in the function of fascia
• This level 1 course will focus on complaints of neck, shoulder and thorax
• For contents of level 2 and 3 courses please visit our website
• and much more.......
Participants will get an official Fasciatherapy F.I.T. certificate
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Dato: 20-21-September 2019
Alle dage fra 09.00 – 18.00

Sted: Kernehuset
Godthåbsgade 4A
8000 Aarhus C

Pris: 3000,00 Kr. inkl. frokost, frugt, vand, the og kaffe

Depositum 500,00 kr ved tilmelding.
Tilmelding til Bolette Haagen på: Mail: Ym9sZXR0ZWhhYWdlbiB8IGhvdG1haWwgISBjb20=, eller mobil: 41436238

Betaling: Enten på bank konto i Merkur: 8401 1270786 eller mobilpay: 30332. Husk at skrive navn og hvilket kursus du ønsker, at deltage på når du indbetaler.

Undervisningen foregår på let forståeligt engelsk.

Underviser: Fysioterapeut Ernst van der Wijk.
Ernst er fra Holland og en af grundlæggerne af Fascia Integration Therapy. Han er en dygtig og erfaren behandler og underviser, med mere end 25 års erfaring inden for kronisk smerterehabilitering på Erasmus Universitetshospital i Rotterdam. Konceptet er udbredt til Italien, Rumænien, Kina og Island.

Short bio:
Ernst van der Wijk has worked over 25 years in chronic pain rehabilitation at the Erasmus University Hospital in Rotterdam. His main passion is finding more effective ways to treat people with chronic pain. Being intrigued by the new discoveries in the myofascial field, he developed, together with Alexander Kudus, the Fascia Integration Therapy (F.I.T.) concept. Since 2014 they have trained over 350 physiotherapists in the Netherlands. In 2017 Rumania F.I.T. was founded and this year they will take this concept over to Italy.

Map Klinik Kernehuset i Godthåbsgade, Godthåbsgade 4 A, baghuset, 8000 Aarhus, Denmark, Arhus, Denmark
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