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AcroYoga Montreal Immersion 2019


AcroYoga Montreal Immersion 2019


For intermediate & advanced practitioners.

We are happy to announce the AcroYoga Montreal intensive training in Europe!

This 4–day immersion is based on AcroYoga Montreal’s principals, techniques and skills, offered in a constructive and progressive way, by 4 experienced and certified teachers from Europe and Canada.

The characteristics of the Montreal style are ‘AcroYoga flow, slow core controlled movements, creativity, acrobatics with yogic consciousness, out of the box thinking’, precise and safe spotting.

This training is open for intermediate and advanced AcroYoga practitioners, and is offered to deepen and expand your practice as a base, flyer and spotter. You will rediscover & improve your core through yoga, workouts, group training and a lot of acro. Redefine, refine & deepen your acro techniques: learning first to move slow & controlled in order to open a door to a wider range of possibilities. You will definitely discover original AcroYoga Montreal material, presented in a constructive & progressive way. For example: counter balances, supported handstands, (supported) back bending, shoulder stand and handstand presses, AcroYoga flow, arts of movement, contact improvisation and more, under a dedicated spotting.

Besides the technical approach, you will learn how to think from a creative point of view - thinking ‘out of the box’; how to create a flow, how to give your practice more personality, how to connect with your partner, communicate, switching roles, stepping out of your comfort zone.

- Heidi Blais straight from Montreal, Canada, is one of the main teachers at the AcroYoga Montreal scene after it's founders: Eugene Poku & Jessie Goldberg.
- Ruslan North & Saar Wouters from, the founders of AcroYoga Antwerp (BE), are among the leading AcroYoga teachers in Belgium. Inspired & certified by AcroYoga Montreal founders: Eugene Poku & Jessie Goldberg.
- Eva Brovinsky is the founder of Leteča joga and the pioneer of acroyoga in Slovenia. Educating people about movement and bodymind is her biggest passion. Inspired & certified by AcroYoga Montreal founders: Eugene Poku & Jessie Goldberg.

- Chaturanga Dandasana hold: full plank min 3 breathes, with knees on the ground min 5 breathes
- Utkatasana followed by a transition to Navasana: minimum 3 transitions combined with min 3 beathes hold for each position
- Stable tripod headstand min 30 seconds PLUS min 3 Pike presses or 5 Straddle Pike presses
- Handstands with a spotter min 30 seconds hold (standing AND spotting)

- Back Bird plank hold min 15 seconds + min 3 presses (basing AND flying)
- Front Bird Workout min 5 times (basing OR flying). Explanation: Front Bird -> Base sets feet under the knee caps of the flyer -> Flyer does tuck and back to straight
- Stable Side Star min 20 seconds + Straddle Bat Tic Tocs min 3 times (basing OR flying)
- Stable Free Shoulder hold min 30 seconds (basing OR flying)
- Stable Star hold min 30 seconds (basing AND flying)
- Stable Tuck Sit hold: min 10 seconds OR min 15 seconds with Flyer's feet on Base's knees (basing OR flying)
- Barrel Rolls for a basic coordination (basing OR flying)


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15 - 18 August 2019
From 9.00 till 18:00

9.00 - 11.00 Warm Up
11.00 – 11.15 Short Break
11.15 – 13.15 AcroYoga
13.00 – 15.00 Lunch Break
15.00 – 18:00 AcroYoga & Relaxation

Ell Circo d'ell Fuego:

EARLY BIRD before July 1st 2019
350€ for all 4 days
280€ for 3 days only
200€ for 2 days only

LATE BIRD after July 1st 2019
380€ all 4 days
310€ for 3 days only
230€ for 2 days only

The accommodation is not included in the price, BUT we help out the participants coming from a far. We have already a positive experience with housing the participants coming from abroad. Please, contact us for help with the accommodation!

For questions and extra info: QWNyb0NvbnRhY3RZb2dhIHwgZ21haWwgISBjb20=
Registration form:

Learn more about AcroYoga Montreal, it's founders, team and principles:

Learn more about AcroContactYoga and it's teachers:!about/y0ufv

Saar Wouters & Ruslan Khalilov – AcroContactYoga from Antwerp, Belgium.
Heidi Blais - AcroYoga Montreal from Canada
Eva Brovinsky - Leteča joga from Slovenia.

With acro regards and looking forward to meet you all on the mats ;)

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Map Ell Circo D'ell Fuego, Joosensgang 14, 2060 Antwerp, Belgium, Antwerp, Belgium
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