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Writing For Wellness ๑ The Power of Mindfulness & Writing


Writing For Wellness ๑ The Power of Mindfulness & Writing

Writing For Wellness ๑ The Power of Mindfulness & Writing

A great deal of anxiety comes from the rush and hurry of a turbulent mind, which jumps recklessly to unwarranted conclusions, rushes to judgements, and often is going too fast to see events and people as they truly are. Such a mind keeps the body under continual stress, and can lead to a multitude of physical, emotional, and mental conditions.

This transformative class, offers you a wonderful opportunity in a safe and supportive space, to slow down your mind―the first purpose of meditation―through a highly effective and scientifically proven writing technique, known as Expressive writing. To help you move on from whatever is keeping you awake at night, by expressing and letting go of the draining thoughts and feelings, you might be harbouring about challenging and upsetting experiences you’ve had.

You will leave the class feeling relaxed, revitalized, and open to respond to life’s difficulties not as a source of stress, but as natural challenges that will pass, as all things do. No prior writing or mindfulness experience is required to benefit from the workshop, and participants are free to write in the language of their own choice.
All workshop materials will be provided, all you need to bring along is an open mind and a willingness to dive deeply within.

* Please note: The writing exercises can trigger deeply buried emotions and memories, so if you’re currently afflicted by, or are being treated for a mental condition, first consult with your
medical practitioner to determine whether the class is suitable for you before signing up.

Writing & Mindfulness - What's the Connection?

More than three decades ago, James Pennebaker, Ph.D., one of America’s most distinguished research psychologists, demonstrated that college students who wrote expressively about traumatic experiences subsequently visited the doctor for illness half as often as the control group.

This ground breaking research led to further studies with results proving that Emotional writing―or what is often described in research studies as Expressive writing―can help: Enhance immune function, lower blood pressure, decrease heart rate, reduce depressive symptoms and feelings of pain, lower stress and anxiety levels, improve sleep, boost self-esteem and so much more!

The simple act of expressing our thoughts and feelings on paper about challenging and upsetting events, provides an opportunity to construct a meaningful personal narrative about what happened, and helps us move forward by expressing and letting go of the feelings involved.

About Susan:
Susan J. Nassuna is a Ugandan-Dutch writer and highly experienced trainer in the fields of Writing for Wellness, Stress Management, and Meditation.
Her warm and compassionate nature helps her students, to relax deeply and access their inner healing resources in the safe and supportive environments she creates, leading them to profound inner revelations and transformations.
She leads writing and meditation workshops and retreats, throughout the Netherlands and internationally.
To know more about her work, please visit: ​

Facilitator: Susan Nassuma
Date: Once a month on a Thursday
Time: 20:00-21:30
Location: The Conscious Club - Lauriergracht 142, Amsterdam
Price: €15.50 // Available with your 10-ride pass, 5-ride pass and New Member Introduction Card. For Onefit / ClassPass card members we have very limited spots available.


» Thursday the 19th of December from 20:00-21:30

» Thursday the 16th of January from 20:00-21:30

» Thursday the 20th of February from 20:00-21:30

» Thursday the 19th of March from 20:00-21:30

» Thursday the 16th of April from 20:00-21:30

» Thursday the 21st of May from 20:00-21:30

» Thursday the 18th of Juni from 20:00-21:30

» Thursday the 16th of July from 20:00-21:30

» Thursday the 20th of August from 20:00-21:30

» Sorry, we don't do refunds. Unfortunately, we can't disturb a started class, so make sure you are on time so you don't miss out! No exceptions.

» A New Member Introduction Pass lets you try 10 classes in 1 month for just €55,-.
(Valid for one month after your first visit)

» You can buy a 5-ride Pass for €65,- instead of €77,50
(valid for three months after your first visit)

» Or access to over 400 daily classes and 120 special classes with our 10-ride pass for €115,- instead of €155,-
(valid for three months after your first visit)

» Is this class full on Onefit / ClassPass? There are still tickets available at The Conscious Club!

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