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Travel & Adventure Events in Amsterdam

Adventure, Outdoor Events And Trekking In Amsterdam

To Travel the world is to travel within oneself. For all the adrenaline junkies out there are cool adventure events in Amsterdam like hiking in the forests, camping in mountains, hanging by the cliffs and a lot more. An adrenaline rush is sure to have when one is out there on adventure. Whether it’s swimming, river rafting, rappelling , riding with motorcycle club or cycling with friends or just a weekend getaway near Amsterdam, we have got you covered.

Find your adventure and trips near Amsterdam.

Upcoming Trips & Adventurous Activities in Amsterdam

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    Adventure and Trips in Amsterdam

    Most people think Amsterdam is a party city, with only the vibrant music and cannabis scene which dominates the city. However, this is only a misconception – the plethora of Amsterdam adventure activities available is sure to thrill even hardcore adventure junkies. There are many places for camping in Amsterdam, and you can always go on day trips from Amsterdam to a lot of beautiful places located at a distance from the city.

    Best Amsterdam Adventure Activities

    The most organic Amsterdam adventure activity to do would be to climb the Westertoren. The tallest tower in central Amsterdam, it is also among the most beautiful towers in the city. The crown of the Hapsburg Emperor is placed on the top of the tower, and Rembrandt and other are buried int eh church below it too Bungee jumping is possible in Amsterdam, too – at the Faralda Crane Hotel. This adventure activity in Amsterdam is not done in a conventional way, though – you go down feet first and swinging so that there is no head-popping pressure felt by the jumper. If you think bungee jumping is not for you, you should definitely try out the highest swing in Europe at the same place. You get to stay rooted in your seat while you swing a hundred meters over the IJ, in this swing which is built for two people.

    Top Venues for Camping in Amsterdam 

    Vliegenbos is among the best places for camping in Amsterdam mainly because it offers a whole new experience for the visitor – you do not feel like you are in the city when you step in. It is only a 15-minute journey from Central Station, but it is located inside a forest in the Noord region. There are all sorts of modern amenities available when you go to the camping site. Gaasper Camping too is at a similar distance from the center of the city but is surrounded by meadows and waterways. There are plenty of recreational areas, including meadows and playgrounds which are suitable for both kids and adults to have fun at. You also get the opportunity to partake in a lot of water sports, like canoeing, windsurfing and a lot more. Camping Zeeburg is on a small island which is more of a community than a proper campsite itself. The place has a supermarket, an open kitchen and a restaurant too, for the benefit of visitors.

    Day Trips from Amsterdam 

    If you want an authentic Dutch experience, you should definitely visit Zaanse Shans. Along the way, you are sure to see the typically Dutch windmills and wooden clogs, and the open-air museum at the village which showcases the past of the region is also sure to fascinate you. You are instantly transported to the past of the nation, and that is why this is one of the best day trips from Amsterdam. Other amazing day trips from Amsterdam include Keukenhof Gardens, Rotterdam and many others.