Ceramic Pot Painting & Storytelling Workshop

Ceramic Pot Painting & Storytelling Workshop

Ceramic Pot Painting & Storytelling Workshop

Thu Jun 27 2024 at 06:00 pm to 08:00 pm

Equals Clubhouse, Raamgracht 6, Amsterdam, Netherlands

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Ceramic Pot Painting & Storytelling Workshop, 27 June | Event in Amsterdam | About the event Ceramic Pot Painting & Storytelling Workshop
Join us for an immersive experience where creativity meets storytelling.

About this Event

Discover the transformative power of art as we blend ceramic painting with the magic of storytelling at our workshop! Immerse yourself in a creative journey where you'll not only paint beautiful ceramics but also weave your personal narrative into each masterpiece.

This workshop isn't just about painting—it's about delving into the depths of your emotions, connecting with your inner self, and sharing your story through art. Whether you're seeking solace, healing, or simply a moment of mindfulness, this experience promises to uplift and inspire.

What to Expect:

-Learn different ceramic painting techniques step-by-step
-Explore your storytelling skills through a guided session
-Create unique ceramic pieces infused with personal narratives
-A supportive and nurturing environment for creative expression
-All materials provided, including ceramic pots, paints, and brushes
-Light refreshments and snacks to fuel your creativity

Let's paint, create, and share stories together. See you at the workshop!

3 reasons that make your event unique / Why should people attend this program.:

1. Integration of Art and Storytelling: This event uniquely combines the creative mediums of ceramic painting and storytelling, allowing participants to express themselves artistically while also exploring the power of narrative and personal storytelling.

2. Focus on Emotional Well-being: Unlike traditional art workshops, this event places a strong emphasis on emotional well-being and mindfulness. Through guided mindfulness and storytelling session, participants are encouraged to delve into their emotions, memories, and experiences, fostering a deeper sense of self-awareness and expression.

3. Holistic Approach to Creativity: By incorporating elements of art, storytelling, and mindfulness, this workshop offers a holistic approach to creativity and self-expression. Participants not only learn new artistic techniques but also gain valuable insights into the connection between creativity, emotional well-being, and mindfulness, making it a truly unique and enriching experience.

Facilitator/Speaker Bio:

Plavaneeta Borah is the founder of House of Craftivities, where she brings her passion for storytelling and creativity to life through various workshops exploring different mediums of art and craft. A seasoned content and marketing professional with over 12 years of experience in the field, she meticulously designs each workshop to nurture creativity and self-expression.

At House of Craftivities, Plavaneeta guides participants on a transformative journey where emotions, memories, and dreams converge to create a narrative that is uniquely theirs. Central to her mission is the belief that art has the power to heal, empower, and transform.

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Date & Time

Thu Jun 27 2024 at 06:00 pm to 08:00 pm


Equals Clubhouse, Raamgracht 6, Amsterdam, Netherlands

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