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Milonga La Roca September 21 DJ Harry Wohlfart (Frankfurt, Germ)


Milonga La Roca September 21 DJ Harry Wohlfart (Frankfurt, Germ)

The best tango's, played by the best DJ's in the wonderful ambiance of De Danswerkplaats in Amersfoort. That's Milonga La Roca. The place to go to for every really die-hard dancer. Every 3rd saturday of the month. Easy to reach by train and car (free parking), a good restaurant as neighbor, vibrant atmosphere next to the old town. The cumparsita is planned at 03.00 but if lots of dancers stay, you can keep on dancing until max 04.00. The music stops earlier if less than 15 people are left.
Entrance 8 euro.
I know Harry as a dancer for years and years now and had the opportunity to dance to his music at El Corte. Harry is a DJ nomade, travelling to many places on request. So glad his schedule offered a little space to come to La Roca. Come and enjoy his personal selection.
Here is his story: "I'm DJing for people who love to dance, in the meantime since more than 25 years. The music I play is to have fun, to make people want to dance. It is not be exhausting nor boring, but has the energy to be able to dance a lot without getting tired. Key is a musical diversity that allows to relax while dancing and thus getting ready for the next, possibly more rhythmic and energetic tanda.

A propos tanda: of course I play in tandas with cortinas. My collection is really big, but it's not so to show off: not the DJ, but the dancers are in the center of what I do. Music only comes to life With the dancers.

I'm looking forward to a nice evening"

Ps... there’s very cheap (19 euro pp (5 euro extra for single and 7 euro extra for sheets, but breakfast is included) and clean accomodation on walking distance at De Expeditie. Glad to tell you more, app me.

On sunday you can enjoy a lovely, relaxed sunday afternoon milonga called La Piedrita from 14.00 until 18.00 hour. So book a room and stay for the night (since public transport is terrible at night anyway from Amersfoort).

Adress: Oude Fabriekstraat 20 (entrance on 3 sites, via gate Prodent at Kleine Koppel 70, via little gate-house at Oliemolenhof or via backstage gate at Overijsselsestraat. (free) parking: Put on your tomtom: Kleine Koppel corner Brabantsestraat. It brings you exactly at the right spot. Parking is free, walk through the gate towards restaurant Hoog Vuur and take the blue door on your right.
If it's hard to find a free spot: parkingrules changed at Oliemolenkwartier; No parking there, only at the Eemhuis garage or the field just before that. If you have an electric car, you can park at Oliemolenhof. Go through the little gate-house towards Hoog Vuur, to your right is the blue door.
(picture by Ivo Chaveau)

DJ's at La Roca in 2019:
January: Anthony Cronin (Dublin, Ireland)
February: Benedicte Beauloye (Brussels, Belgium)
March: Berlin Connection Weekend, DJ Daniela Feilcke-Wolf (Berlin, Germany)
April: Jens-Ingo (Brussels, Belgium)
May: Deborah Segantini (Florence, Italy)
June: El Hurracan, Jo Switten (Brussels, Belgium)
SPECIAL!!!! June 28/30: Celebrating 5 years La Roca Festivalito with special guests Michelle Marsidi and Joachim Dietiker for a La Roca Intensive weekend with workshops/masterclasses/show (this show is on sunday, at Farewell milonga). 2 Concerts by Solo Tango (Saturday & Sunday), 4 DJ’s: Toufik Cherifi, DavidxTango, El Girafa (Jacob Vosmaer) and Stefan Wimmer.
July: Wolfgang Weuste (Stadt Haan, Dusseldorf)
August: Yerpun Castro (Argentina, The Netherlands, Asia)
September: Harry Wohlfart (Frankfurt, Germany)
October: Stefan OK (Halle, Germany)
Extra October 25/27: Festivalito La Roca Intensives with Stephanie Fesnau & Fausto Carpino (Barcelona, Spain) La Roca Intensive weekend with workshops/masterclasses/show (this show is on sunday, at Farewell milonga). Saturday DJ: Fausto Carpino. Sunday DJ: Emma Murros (Helsinki, Finland)
November: Santiago Onel (Den Haag, Netherlands origin Urugay)
December: Oliver Kruse-Dougherty (Gouda, Netherlands)

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Map De Danswerkplaats, Oude Fabriekstraat 20, 3812 NR Amersfoort, Amersfoort, Netherlands
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