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Flex Your Courage - Workshop


Flex Your Courage - Workshop

Learn How to Trade Fear & Uncertainty for Conscious Acts of Courage

What if I told you that courage isn’t actually a feeling, it’s a choice. That thing you did or said—that took courage—there was a part of you that had to consciously wake up in the face of whatever it was that made you feel uncomfortable or nervous, and take physical, mental, or emotional action to address it.

But what if it didn’t have to be a challenge to awaken our courage each time? The truth is, it takes courage to love and to be loved, to see and to be seen, to understand and to be understood. It takes courage to forgive and to ask for forgiveness, to be kind, and to be true and sincere.

What if we could condition our minds and bodies to choose courage over fear, anger, anxiety, frustration, and other limiting or frustrating thoughts and actions?

This is what FLEX(ing) YOUR COURAGE is all about.

In our 2 hour interactive workshop we’ll dig into what’s been keeping you from cultivating conscious acts of courage so that you may experience the loving kindness you wish to give and to receive; summoning unbounded joy while detaching from fear-based reactive thoughts and behaviors.

Together we’ll explore what it looks and feels like to move and to breath and to act with courage leading the way.

We’ll unlock the 5 Pillars of Courage, each one designed to advance our emotional fitness—and when practiced regularly, creates more awareness about how and when to call upon our courage.

You’ll leave the FLEX YOUR COURAGE workshop with an empowered understanding of how to magnetize positive energy and good people into your life. As well as meaningful experiences that serve to support and stretch you into your highest, greatest self.

This workshop incorporates intuitive movement through body-positive, judgement-free dance breaks—moving our bodies to the rhythm of the new lessons; integrating what we’ve learned into our muscle memory for faster and more confident recall.

Here’s what you’ll need:

(1) Comfortable clothes (what you’d wear to a yoga class, for example).
(2) A pen and notebook or paper.
(3) An open mind and willing heart. ?

Courage, like a muscle, takes practice, commitment, and a CHOICE to make it a strong and sculpted mofo that is capable of handling a whatever-life-throws-in-your-face kind of inner strength, that NO ONE else can claim, or take away from you.

I look forward to helping you set these beautiful feelings free, and to live a life filled with more consciousness, as well as inward AND outward joy, love, and compassion.

All emotions, bodies, feelings, and experiences are welcome.

DAY: Sunday, February 24th
TIME: 12:00pm – 2:00pm
LOCATION: Lark Street Yoga
(351 Hudson Ave. Albany, NY)

What has been said about Kristin’s other FLEX YOUR COURAGE programs:

“I have spent hundreds of dollars on conferences, and workshops, and retreats, and books, and groups and gatherings and have NEVER EVER been involved with something so pure, so real, so enjoyable, so uplifting, so LIFE-CHANGING… To say I have been changed by [our time together], and [everyone who participated], is an understatement.” – Judy T.

“Thank you again for all the love you have poured [into this]. You are amazing! I feel so very empowered by all of this. Wow! Just wow!!!” – Charlotte W.

“Kristin, first I need to tell you how much I appreciate you and all of the love and energy you put into everything you do. You have wisdom and strength far beyond your years. …I did not realize how faltering my courage had become, and how much these pillars of courage could build it back up! Each one made me dig deep for answers about myself and my purpose, but yes love of myself (which ironically is my resolution for this year, to love myself more) was the most difficult, followed by the forgiveness. – Donna L.

“Phew, I have been broken wide open… I am freaking worn out, wide open and pumped beyond belief for what is to come.” – Melinda S.

“[I’ve taken two Flex Your Courage workshops and] I love [Kristin’s] approach and how she cares individually and brings out the best in people. She always knows what to say. She is a true (com)passionate wizard of words. Authentic. Lovely. Funny. No wonder she has also written a wonderful book! Truly inspiring. 1000 thanks, Kristin! The world would be darker without you. – Carmen T.


About Your Courage Workshop Mentor:

Kristin Lajeunesse is a published author, a business and lifestyle mentor, and the founder of the award-winning website Will Travel for Vegan Food (based on a two-year van-dwelling excursion that took her through all 50 states and an eight-month-long around-the-world trip). In January 2011, Kristin quit her 9-5 cubicle desk job in an effort to follow her inspired entrepreneurial – and travel-driven – dreams, and she’s never looked back. Kristin has now been traveling full-time for over 7 consecutive years—having visited nearly 30 countries—while building her business from all over the world. Kistin has a Master of Arts in Integrated Marketing Communication from Emerson College and a Bachelor of Professional Studies from Cazenovia College.

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