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Women's Theatre Weekend

Sep 20, 2019 - Sep 22, 2019

Women's Theatre Weekend

Time Fri Sep 20 2019 at 06:30 pm to Sun Sep 22 2019 at 09:30 pm

Footlights Theatre, 21, new york tower-A, Near muktidham temple, Thaltej cross road, Thaltej, Ahmedabad, India 380054, Ahmedabad, India

INR 200 Tickets

Women's Theatre Weekend

‘Women’s Theatre Weekend’

20 th September to 22 nd September 2019

Presented by by Neekoee Foundation with Footlights Theatre

About Women’s Theatre Weekend

Women’s Theater Weekend celebrates narratives and performances devised by women –

Jyoti Dogra from Mumbai, Maya Rao from Delhi and the comedy collective Mahila Manch

from Ahmedabad.

Narratives from these devised performances travail intergalactic nebulae in questioning our

mortality and life. They also return home in examining our relationship with our children

through humour as well as our roles within society.


In bringing these performances together, we further an engagement with stories and

narratives from the perspectives of diverse women, devised and performed by them, for a

larger discerning and discursive audience of Ahmedabad.

About the Performances

Black Hole : 20th September | 6:30 pm & 9:30 pm - 90 Mins

Black hole is fascinating mix of astrophysics and our everyday life as Jyoti Dogra attempts to

build a bridge between science and the human condition. Black Hole is a 90-minute, solo,

devised theatre piece.

The narrative revolves around three characters: a couple and their terminally ill relative.

Here concepts from astrophysics entwine with personal narratives of love, loss, mortality

and experiential limits. The performance examines one’s thirst for knowledge, hunger for

experience and how the two combine to create an understanding of the universe that one

inhabits. Jyoti Dogra devised over three years, but one of things that had a deep impact on

the development of the piece was her visit to the European Organisation for Nuclear

Research (CERN) in Geneva, home to the Large Hadron Collider as part of the Pro Helvatia

Residency in June 2017.

Quality Street : 21st & 22nd September | 6:30 pm - 90 Mins

The acerbic Nigerian comedy, a relentless ping-pong between a disapproving, quick-witted

“bourgeois” mother and her US-returned, university-educated daughter deserved a cheeky

comeback notice. Rao’s daughter gives the play an appropriate poster. It has Rao as Mrs

Njoku, mother and diva, resplendent in her green costume and headgear, immensely

pleased with something she has just said.

Quality Street is a comedy and the poster credit in the corner nails the kind of funny it

intends to be. It reads: This poster is designed by a daughter for her mother for her

mother’s performance about her daughter. Rao, the mother, bullies her daughter into these

little favours. It helps that the daughter is a graphic designer. An intimate knowledge of

Rao’s work is bonus.

Mausam Badal Raha Hai : 21st September | 9:30 pm - 90 Mins

Mahila Manch is an Ahmedabad-based comedy collective of progressive minds that talks

about “difficult” and “uneasy,” issues through stand-up comedy, wit and humour. Started by

two women, Preeti Das and Shefali Pandey, MM does a theme-based monthly comedy show

in Ahmedabad called The Period Show. These themes have cantered around LGBTQ issues,

identity, rape, alcohol, female sexuality, orgasms and body shaming. In this month’s Period

Show, which is called, Mausam Badal Raha Hai, expect humour, music, intelligence, and

most of all fun, as Preeti Das and Shefali Pandey, Vasim Habib, Nancy Dixit, Raunaq Kamdar,

Daksha Dave and Bhuvan and make you laugh about all that's happening in the world of

climate change.

 Spoken Word Poetry – Paper Boats : 22nd September | 9:00 PM - 75 minutes

‘Paper Boats’ is a spoken word poetry event curated by a young student and poetess – Kabbyashree Dasgupta, addressing the concerns of young contemporary women poetesses residing within the heritage city of Ahmedabad.


Megha Nayar | Sonia Mishra | Achint Chhabra |Shraddha Ramani  | Kabbyashree Dasgupta| Amruthavarshini | Nikita Iyer | Suchi Shah | Nirali Joisar Patel | Fauziya Dhattiwala

Total No. of Seats: 180 per show

For booking contact: 9825066880 / 6355487682

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Date & Time

Fri Sep 20 2019 at 06:30 pm to Sun Sep 22 2019 at 09:30 pm


Footlights Theatre, 21, new york tower-A, Near muktidham temple, Thaltej cross road, Thaltej, Ahmedabad, India 380054, Ahmedabad, India