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Vedic Mathematics 10 Day Course For Kids Begins...

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Vedic Mathematics 10 Day Course For Kids Begins...

Discover Mathematics as Never before by Learning Vedic Math.

Registrations and Orientation Today...March 24 ( Sunday )

Limited Seats, So

Open to all Students interested in improving their Mathematics

Vedic Maths: The Advantages...

+ Time Saver - In this world of extreme competition, everyone would do anything to gain an edge over others. With the growth of coaching institutions & affordable book prices, scope of an edge is not very clear. But, Vedic Maths is one such area that introduces scope of an edge as far as calculations are concerned. Have you ever said to yourself – ‘I wish I had 30 more minutes’. Well, Vedic Maths might not give you 30 more minutes, but it can save you a lot more than that. And if you come to think of it, it’s the same.

+ Vedic Maths & Calculators - There are many boards which allow the use of calculators in their main exams. This is very convenient as long as the Boards’ examinations go. But, this might prove detrimental in competitive examinations such as JEE/Olympiads. How?, if you ask – Because your mindset is such that a calculation, even a little complicated, can throw you off without a calculator. Throw you off not because you can’t do the calculation, but because of your mindset used to calculators. So, instead of a getting used to a calculator you should work on your Vedic Maths. With enough practice, it can bring you very close to a calculator.

+ Physical Chemistry - Off all the chemistries, Physical chemistry is sometimes declared as their favourite by many students. One of the reasons behind this is that there aren’t any exceptions in it & it is mostly analytical/mathematical. There can be instances where even this leg of chemistry can involve demanding calculations, solving quadratic equations for instance. This can involve square root calculation. Vedic Maths comes really handy in calculation of square roots & can save a lot of your time there.

+ The Intelligence Pay-off

According to many neurologists, whenever mind works on patterns, some neural connections tend to get formed which can go beyond the original intent of that study. Learning to use Vedic Maths is nothing but using patterns to make calculations easier. If the neurologists are to be believed, Vedic Maths will help you form some neural connections which make you more intelligent. I bet you will agree with me on this.

+ Learn all the Vedic Sutras for Multiplication, Addition, Division, etc

+ Practise them in Worksheets, both Written and Oral

+ And give a Vedic Math Test at the end of the Course

Limited Seats...!

Where : IAC Astronomy Club

When : March Batches @ Evening

Today : Registration & Orientation @ 10.30am-12.30pm

Contact : 7383651660

Registrations : By Name

Fees : 1950 Rs for the 10 Day Course

Buy Tickets Online at...

Alay Jhaveri,

Astronomer & Founder, IAC.

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