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Best Place for Bowling in Ahmedabad

Discover Best Bowling Alleys & Ticket Info In Ahmedabad

Whether you want to have the time of your life with your group, or you want to release that extra stress on your own, Bowling is always there for you! Channel your inner champion at Ahmedabad's amazing bowling alleys. Score a perfect strike, a spare, or a gutter ball, we ain't judging! These places are there to boost your confidence and will make you laugh out loud with your friends. Have a look!
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

1) How many people do bowling alleys allow on one lane at a time?

Usually, bowling alleys allow a total of 6 people in one lane. If your group consists of more than 6 people, you may be allotted 2 lanes. We recommend checking with the bowling center you wish to visit for further details.

2) When is the best time to go for bowling to avoid long queues?

To avoid long queues, we recommend going for bowling on a weekday. The majority of bowling centers are crowded on weekends. For further details, it’s best to reach out to the center you plan to visit.

3) What is the age limitation for bowling?

While some bowling centers allow kids to bowl under supervision, some have set the minimum limit to 14 years of age. To avoid any mix-ups, please directly call the center for your inquiry.

4) How many rounds of shots are included in one game?

In bowling, there are 10 frames and you get to bowl twice per frame. While some centers let everyone complete their shots, some may offer bowling for a specific duration. For your clarity, we suggest you get in touch with the bowling center directly.

5) What is the average cost of a bowling game in Ahmedabad?

The cost of one game of bowling varies depending on the center, duration, and the day on which you decide to play. The average cost of a game, however, lies somewhere between 350-400 rupees.