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VACATION BIBLE CAMP | Event in Accra | About the event VACATION BIBLE CAMP

Campers will dive deep into personal and faith-based activities at our super cool Vacation Bible Camp.


We firmly believe that God’s Word transforms hearts. Our summer camp programming keeps kids engaged throughout the entire day based on what we know about their ability to learn and comprehend truths about God at any age.


Our Vacation Bible Camp gives your kids a place to interact and bond. We offer meals arts and crafts field trips free time games swimming sports and worship as opportunities for spiritual growth! Kids leave camp having formed lifelong friendships with other believers their age.


From Morning Worship to Bible Story Time Recreation to Arts & Crafts everything at Dominion Christian Academy is designed with the heart of a child in mind. There are lots of fun summer options for kids but Dominion Christian Academy ensures that God’s Word is the focus of every part of our camp including the fun stuff. 

Week 1: Set off on an epicadventure from Genesis to Revelation. Campers will sail along on a fun jungle cruise, stopping at the 7 “C’s” of History: Creation, Corruption, Catastrophe, Confusion, Christ, Cross, and Consummation. Campers will discover how these events shape our world and learn to reconnect the Bible to everyday life.

Week 2: It’s time to celebrate! Paint some signs, decorate the walls, hang the lights, turn

up the music, invite some friends, throw open the doors! Let’s Start The Party at DCA as campers will learn why Jesus is good news. Learn how He gives us friendship, belonging, forgiveness, abundant life, and purpose.

Week 3: At this immersive Holy Land Adventure, campers will get the inside scoop from

Jesus’ mom and village Shopkeepers. They’ll learn to stand up for their faith among people who doubt that a carpenter’s son is really God’s son. It’s an exploration of the gift, voice and inner strength that every camper has.

Week 4: We’re taking campers deep into an amazing undersea adventure where they’ll

experience the ever-flowing, never-ending love of God. Campers will be immersed in the Word and discover what living water is really all about! Gear up for lots of water play and fun pool adventures!

Open to children ages 2 to 12


CALL 059 386 5874

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