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Music signifies the vibrant energy of the place! Such music events in Aalborg make the city alive throughout the year. From live music shows and concerts to karaoke nights and gigs at bars and cafes, music fills the silence beautifully in Aalborg. The city has a lot for you in store, and there isn’t any lack of music events in Aalborg for classical lovers or concertgoers! Music is here to heal you and make you groove with festivals and heartfelt concerts in Aalborg. Explore such music events happening near you with us and get in the groove to set the stage on fire.

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Music Events in Aalborg

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Upcoming Music Events in Aalborg

Date Event Venue
17 Oct 2024 JOSVA - Til Hyggen og Til Livet Skren Kjellerups Torv 5, 9000 Aalborg, Denmark
13 Feb 2025 DAYYANI - Recipe For Love Tour 2025 Skren Skråen, Aalborg
05 Mar 2025 Oysterband - A Long Long Goodbye Skren Skråen, Aalborg
05 Dec 2024 PATINA Skren Aalborg Skråen, Aalborg
23 Nov 2024 Udsolgt Allan Olsen & Nyt Norlan Royal Stage Aalborg Royal stage Aalborg
28 Nov 2024 Johnny Logan with friends - F BILLETTER TILBAGE STUBhuset, Aalborg
09 Oct 2024 PIANOMANEN FRA NEW YORK - En hyldest til Billy Joel Skren Skråen, Aalborg
12 Oct 2024 Ude af Kontrol Skren Royal Stage Skråen, Aalborg
03 Aug 2024 Lars Lilholt support Rikke Thomsen med band Skovrock 2024 Aalborg Skråen, Aalborg
18 Oct 2024 Hjalmer Skren Skråen, Aalborg
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