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Auditions of BALAJI Telefilms in Chandigarh for a Serial on ZEE

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Auditions of BALAJI Telefilms in Chandigarh for a Serial on ZEE

M/s Balaji Telefilms is conducting auditions in Chandigarh on 21st & 22nd for 3 lead characters of a serial to be telecast on ZEE. Interested candidates who match the character briefs given below may leave their full name, contact numbers on this page and send their folios/details on Balaji | BasEkChance ! com to get the details of auditions. PLEASE NOTE ONLY THOSE WHOSE NAMES WILL BE PROVIDED BY US TO BALAJI WILL BE ALLOWED TO GIVE AUDITION. OTHERS WILL NOT BE ENTERTAINED.

Raaj(Screen Age of 23-24)

Our hero ..raaj is charm personified ..a lil teda a lil seedha ..hes smart ..handsome with a sweet charm ..a total desi novo rich guy ..[ a more classy version of akshay kumar in namastey London ].ziddi to the core ..romantic ...boy with a great sense of humour ..a prankster ..and a softie at heart ..his heart goes out to the poor ..the underdogs ...and those in need ...anyone can tell him a sob story and win him over ..but show him attitude and he wont let you get away with it ..he can be mean n nasty if need be and is easy to take offence ..he has a fetish for old hindi movies and secretly cries over a sad scene ...he is a true blue lover and can go to any lengths for love ...be it traveling as far as india from London to win his love simran and her family ..raaj has a hate hate relationship with ravee ..he cant understand as well as stand simrans elder cousin and to put her down becomes his everyday past time ..till one day he discovers raves pain and it goes straight to his heart ..

Ravee (elder sister....screen age of 25-26))

ravee is simran's cousin ..since she was thirteen she has been staying with her chacha in London ..shes now 26 yrs old and is very different from simran ..she s quiet ..hates men ..is a prude and has zero interest in love ..shes got a dry wit and speaks less but can put anyone in his place by her one liners ...caustic of tongue she looks like a hard nut but actually shes a softie at heart and is so greatful to her chacha n his family that she can do anything for them ..simran and rocky are like her real brothers n sisters and shes the elder sister always defending them ..saving them from trouble and going to the extent of taking the blame of simrans doing on her own self ..her chachi binny finds her an additional responsibility and is often rude to her but ravee never complains and is always respectful to her ..ravee has a grt fear of germs ..while simran is bindaas shes is very particular about her water being boiled ..hands being washed and is a little uptight about things ...ravee Is anti men ..anti love ..and is totally oblivious of loves ways and is taken by surprise when cupid strikes ...

Simran(Screen age of 19-20)

she is the daughter of rajinder n binny ..a London born n brought up girl ..but very Indian at the same time as her mom insists on them all to adopt an india way of life ..simran is quite smart and leads a double life as well ..she has her friends ..parties ...boy friend and fast life but manages to keep it all hidden from her family as she knows mom will never approve of it ...since shes been forced to lead such a life she has become quiet chalu ..can lie at drop of a hat ..can get innocent people into a fix ...can do anything to save her own skin ..is a bit selfish but at the same time ..shes fun to be with ..shes full of fun ..frolic ..laughter ..pranks and has a great relationship with her father and cousin ravee ..she n her brother share a solid nok jhok relationship ..simran loves to be in love but does not have the guts to stand up against her mother

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