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Cannabis Regulation Bill 2013 - 6th November

On the 6th of November 2013, The Cannabis Regulation Bill 2013 will be presented to the Dail chamber by Independent TD Luke “Ming” Flanagan - Roscommon and South Leitrim, This bill will be debated by TD's by to reform the Irish drug laws that effect the botanical plant, genus cannabis.

The legislation will call on the Irish Government to develop a commercial cannabis industry in Ireland and cannabis research facilities in medical, horticultural, biochemical and the food industries.

The legislation includes,

• Establishment of the Cannabis Regulation Authority
• Legalise personal possession up 28g (one ounce)
• Allow licensed citizens to grow 6 cannabis plants
• Retail and coffee shop cannabis outlets
• Develop cannabis and hemp industries
• R&D for medicinal cannabis compounds
• Detailed rules for production, distribution and quality control
• National Cannabis clubs for up to 50 members

From 7pm 6th of November TD’s will be debating and voting on the proposition.

The Irish government are currently redrafting the misuse of drugs act to allow one product called SATIVEX, "designed" for treating Multiple Sclerosis and delivered orally in an alcohol suspended solution of 2.5 %THC and 2.4% CBD - 10ml bottle. This is not right nor fair. Ireland's TD's need to wake up and smell the cannabis. If they learn about the truth about cannabis and are willing to embrace change they will vote yes to legalise herbal cannabis and create a regulated market.

Presently, the Irish “misuse of drugs act” has cannabis/hemp strictly controlled. Individuals and companies must possess a license to cultivate/study industrial hemp and cannabis.

While industrial cannabis hemp can be grown (0.2%THC) the Irish Government does little to no promotion nor offer incentives to develop the hemp industry. There is a "white glove" section in the government which represses all cannabis initiatives and related business.

In Belgium, The Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, Germany, Czech Rep, Switzerland and Hungary and many other nations have decriminalized possession and or allow citizens to grow personal amounts of cannabis. Without interference from the justice system.

France, Austria, Germany, The Netherlands, Israel, Spain, Czech Rep, Canada and the USA (19 states) allow medical cannabis use.

Washington and Colorado have introduced a legalised and regulated cannabis market. Uruguay recently voted to create (the first nation on earth) a legalised government regulated cannabis market.

Studies from all around the world have proved that cannabis has medical benefits and uses for many of illnesses from cancer, AIDS, HIV, glaucoma, arthritis, MS, Parkinson's, Epilepsy and many others.

By having regulated cannabis the Irish nation would bring in 100's of millions of euro into the economy and reduce the money, time and effort spent on enforcing our draconian drug laws. Having a legalised cannabis market would potentially create thousands of new jobs in a brand new industry. Ireland needs to create 1,000's of jobs to fill the void of our disastrous economic circumstances. Ireland needs jobs that are sustainable and environmentally friendly. A cannabis industry needs a highly skilled workforce. We have the people to make it a reality.
Ireland is an agricultural nation with the work force who can make a cannabis industry successful and profitable.

With an open and controlled cannabis market the revenue generated, and the savings on cannabis related enforcement costs, would profit the tax coffers Hundreds of millions of Euro a year. Every year.


If you want Ireland to be a cannabis friendly nation you must speak out and demand the legalisation of cannabis. Spread the word and start your own campaigning regarding this important date!

Contact your local TD and demand that they vote this legislation through! Email, phone call, text message, speak to them, write them a letter and demand that they VOTE YES on this matter.

On the 6th of November we will be outside the Dail From 4pm so come along and show your support the more coverage we get leading up to this day the better chance it will get voted in.

What you can do

1. Write call email your local elected TD's, Councilor and Senators Tell them you want cannabis legalised.
2. Spread the news to everyone you know who is pro cannabis
3. Talk with those who don't know or understand the benefits of cannabis. Get informed and get knowledgeable about it!
4. Start debating in your colleges
5. Start your own campaigns by forming groups on line.

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