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Cell Regeneration Workshop in Bangalore

Cell Regeneration: No longer a Myth but a Reality!

For the First time in Bangalore learn the new knowledge created by the Russian scientist Dr.Arcady Petrov

Powerful, Safe, Effective and Easy to use techniques through 4 day BASIC COURSE TRAINING From 22 March to 25th March 2012

About Cell Regeneration:

Cell regeneration is one of the most fascinating processes and a great gift to humanity.It gives us all the opportunity to live a long, healthy fulfilling and vital life at all ages. The techniques used help a person to regenerate organs that have either been surgically removed, or have been lost with age like teeth, hair or any other missing structures and also get freedom from any disease!!
The technique actually helps to slow down the biological clock or aging process and gives one the benefit of enjoying indefinitely a vibrant active life and longevity.

The new energy informational techniques, also known as the New Knowledge from Russia, about cell regeneration and activation of the DNA have been created by two leading Russian scientists and academicians. Dr Grigori Grabovoi and Dr Arcady Petrov,
the co founders of this New Knowledge .

Please visit the website www.regenerationcells.com.au and also view there Dr Petrov’s documentary Light of Eternity, in which medical doctors and researchers and scientists participate and express their views about this mind blowing technology. People with 4thstage cancer and AIDS are responding unbelievably to this new knowledge from Russia!

* In his documentary, Light of Eternity,

Dr Petrov states that many women have been able to regenerate their uteruses, which had been surgically removed, and were able to have babies!

*Two students who attended the course in July 2012 reported that within 6 weeks their missing teeth were regenerated!
*An ultra sound confirmed that a 65 year old woman regenerated, within two months, her uterus and right ovary which were surgically removed when she was 30.
*A woman, with diabetes, who lost her eyesight, recovered her vision. Yet another woman discovered that her teeth had regenerated.
This is reality and cannot be dismissed as a placebo effect or imagination! No drugs or injections or substances are used. The techniques are used with specific intention, which is passed into one’s consciousness and the desired result is obtained. In short, it is an amazing form of mental technology that is being used. Dr Petrov himself has regenerated his gall bladder and appendix, both of which had been surgically removed in the past!



You do not have to have a degree in science or be a doctor to understand and use this mind blowing technology!

Overview of the Dr Petrov Basic course:



The “Basic Dr Petrov Tree of Life and cell regeneration course” will be presented by Dr Hazel Wardha who has been trained by Dr.Petrov himself and is the only licensed teacher appointed by Dr Petrov to teach his work in Asia Pacific till date.

The material provided in the Basic course provides you with Techniques and Information to initiate the processes of cell regeneration and activation of DNA in the body.

During the learning process itself you would see your own Health impairments often disappearing, in case any are present.

A Manual will be provided with a range of techniques in the following areas:
Harmonizing the left and right hemispheres of the brain to develop inner vision or controlled
Clairvoyance and to materialize the reality you want for your health and events.
Controlled clairvoyance is useful for accessing diagnostic information as well as to get
effective results.

Topics and techniques covered in the course are as follows

• Structure of the energy body, which is the vehicle of the Soul, Tree of life fractals,
. Spiritual essence of life information DNA,
• Focus on the point: the phantom selection,
• Working with color holographic spheres,
• Changing bio chemical processes in the body to enhance health and well beingi
• Improvement of vision,
• Special anode-cathode breathing techniques,
• Activation of the 12 level structure DNA,
• Cleansing and strengthening the arterial, venous and lymphatic systems,
• Harmonization of the subtle bodies,
• Exercises for bio-energy charge of the body,
• Correction of the state of health of auric shells ;and
Last but not the least
• Other techniques to connect vectors and open up inner channels and prepare the student for the higher technologies given by Dr Petrov and work that he does on the students physical and subtle bodies to develop the Tree of Life.


Intensive practices sessions are conducted during the four day Basic course.
The techniques incorporated in this course are geared to helping restore health and vitality as well as prepare the student to move through time and space and create a new inner reality, reload consciousness and enjoy a good quality of life at all ages.

Training is given to
o develop the Tree of Life,
o character building to create and maintain a pure consciousness,
o learn how to control and create the reality you want for yourself and others through spheres of creation and spheres of control,
o practice in moving through space and time ,
o regenerate cells and prepare the student to assimilate and use the powerful energies entering our Planet Earth.

Dates: 22nd March - 25th March 2013 (Fri, Sat, Sun, Mon)

Duration: 9-5.30 pm

Course Fees: Rs 30,000/- only .

Please email cellregen2013@gmail.com

Map Hotel Atria,Bangalore, India
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