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REBT Workshop(Rational Emotive behaviour Therapy)

As doctors, we can safely say that we focus more on physical health as compared to mental health. Mental well being is just as important in living a good quality of life. This is the reason we decided to organize a workshop to improve the mental well bein

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Navigate 'The Ship' of your life

With high industry demand, SeaPromise presents a life coaching workshop Navigate ‘The Ship’ of your life This unique training workshop is designed to help Managers, officer bearers, Masters, CE and all officers transform into elite performers & understa

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Mantra Yashacha मंत्र यशाचा- Success Seminar in Marathi

या एक दिवसीय सेमिनारमध्ये तुम्ही परिस्थितीवर प्रभुत्व मिळवाल आणि अविरत एका उत्कृष्ट आयुष्याची निर्मिती कराल. सेमिनारचे फायदे - अपयशाची भीती हद्दपार जिथे मी तिथे संधी प्रतिबंधक समजुतीपासून मुक्ती स्वाभिमान आणि आत्मविश्वास निर्णय घेण्याची क्षमता

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Connect Right Grow Bright Mantra

The most effective training program for Business owners, Entrepreneurs, Professionals, people belonging to Sales, Marketing and Customer facing jobs. When your phone drops a call, you know it, don't you? And what is your reaction? How does it make you

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Startup Conclave Gujarat Edition

Startup Conclave – Gujarat Edition is an event that aims to gather all the brightest entrepreneurs of Gujarat at one place. The event is centered on encouraging new and upcoming entrepreneurs to take that first and crucial step in their journey to change

4th November 2013, Monday Events in Dombivli


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